[Other recent news]
  On 16 September 2017, Packages of cosgene, sievgene, MVO_screening, and screening, and programs of substructure_search, EditMol, Molsite, LogS_predictor, and 3DdataConstruction have been updated.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.412.

  On 21 August 2017, SRPG sample file has been updated.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.411.

  On 1 July 2017, Several programs have been bug-fixed.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.410.

  On 26 June 2016, A program, omegagene, has been released for performing GPU-accelerated molecular dynamics simulation with enhanced conformational sampling as an open-source program.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.400.

  On 10 November 2015, A program, tplgene, has been updated to a new version tplgeneX, which can use PDBx/mmCIF files as input and ouput files, with other improvements such as inclusion of Ligand molecules at topology generation of a molecular system. In addition, cosgene, psygene-G, sievgene, screening, tools and several other programs and documents have been updated.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.400.

  On 25 January 2015, A new program, SyntheticAccessibility, has been released for predicting synthetic accessibility of given compounds.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.306.

  On 22 September 2014, A new library package, LibMyPresto has been released for parsing and writing PDBx/mmCIF and PDB formatted files with the users' programs in C, f77, and f90 languages.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.305.

  On 24 July 2014, New download system has been updated.
The latest version of myPresto is v4.304.

  On 1 June 2014, v4.304 has been released.
In v4.304, psygene-G version 1.003 has been released solving several problems, and programs of cosgene, sievgene, tplgene, tplgeneL, tools, screeningTools, and screeningSamples have been updated with revised documents. In addition, sievgeneMVO with the MVO (Maximum Volume Overlapping) scores has also been released.

  On 1 April 2014, v4.303 has been released.
In v4.303, psygene version 1.002 has been released fixing some bugs.

  On 22 January 2014, v4.302 has been released.
In v4.302, several problems in psygene have been solved.

  On 27 December 2013, v4.301 has been released.
In v4.301, another new program, sievgeneDIAV, to estimate protein-compound binding free energy has been added, with some revisions of known bugs in tplgene and cosgene.

  On 17 December 2013, v4.300 has been released.
In v4.300, a rapid molecular dynamics program (psygene-G) using GPU has been newly added.

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